Meditation and mindful living have long been part of a holistic approach to healing, whether it’s to help manage chronic health conditions, as a part of treatment for anxiety or other mental illnesses, or simply to afford people a better quality of life and increase their control over their emotions. For seniors especially, incorporating meditation into their daily routine can have surprising health benefits.

6 Ways Meditation Can Help Seniors - Caring Family Home Health

How Can Seniors Engage in Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means living in the moment, experiencing each sensation and thought, and reducing worry and fears. It begins with paying attention to your breath, feeling your lungs expand and deflate, and, when your attention wanders, returning it to the slow, measured breaths. During mindful meditation, focus on the experience and the sense of calm that overtakes your body.

You can engage in mindfulness when you spend time with friends and family, or when you’re participating in your favorite hobby, or even during a fitness class! It just means that you’re fully engaged in the moment.

Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

Meditation can be done anywhere — you don’t have to assume a certain position or make particular noises. In fact, you can meditate on a chair, lying down, or even in the car! All you need to do is concentrate on breathing, focusing on being present, and taking your body into an intense state of relaxation.

When you meditate, your heart rate and blood pressure decrease, and you can focus on your mental well being. Plus, older adults may find that certain conditions like joint pain or soreness may be relieved by relaxing their bodies.

Medical Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

Many seniors find relief from several kinds of health conditions through meditation. For some, symptoms become more manageable, while for others, regular meditation can reduce the frequency of things like acid reflux flare-ups or heart palpitations.

Meditation can help holistically treat other medical conditions, including slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia, according to a recent study. Memory conditions wreak havoc with the emotions, as individuals struggle with memory retention and are confused and overwhelmed. Meditation can also improve people who struggle with depression, helping them regulate their emotional state and replace negative self-talk with positive emotions.

Seniors can find many emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits from meditation and practicing mindfulness in their daily lives. If you haven’t tried meditation, it’s relatively simple to start. For other health care needs, Caring Family Home Health offers professional, compassionate at-home care and therapy services. Contact us today for more information.