Here at Caring Family Home Health, we provide specialized in-home health care throughout Philadelphia, PA that helps to ensure families’ loved ones are safe and secure. Our services include personal care, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and skilled nursing. Are you considering becoming a paid caregiver for a member of your family? If so, we’ve listed three ways that you can get paid via government benefits programs.

State Programs

Some states offer programs that compensate family caregivers. However, these are mainly for people that are ineligible for Medicaid or who are living with specific conditions such as traumatic brain injury. To find out if there are programs that your older family member may qualify for, contact the state department of health or your local Medicaid office.

Medicaid Programs

Many states offer Medicaid programs that pay seniors money so that they can pay for an in-home caregiver. The person that they choose to care for them doesn’t have to be a professional; it can be a family member or friend instead. Certain states will even allow a spouse to be a paid caregiver.

Every state has specific eligibility requirements and names for its Medicaid program. If your older adult is eligible for the state’s plan, the compensation that they will receive is calculated via a Medicaid assessment of need, and the median state wage for in-home carers.

Benefits Programs for Veterans

Veteran-Directed Home and Community-Based Services (VD-HCBS)

This is a special home care program designed to aid veterans of any age that are at risk of institutional placement. This program is designed so that they can remain living in their own homes. Veteran’s can pick the services that best support their needs and manage their own budgets for personal care services. This budget includes money to hire their in-home carers, which can consist of friends and family.

Family members that choose to become caregivers for their loved ones can benefit from dental insurance, health insurance, paid vacations, and a range of other incentives. However, most importantly, they get to provide personal care for their loved ones at a time when they need it most.

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