When seniors grow older, there can be a sense of loneliness that casts over their existence, especially as loved ones either move or pass away. One way seniors can combat loneliness is by having a companion — a furry one. Many studies have shown the remarkable bond between pets and their senior human keepers. While receiving in-home health care services in Philadelphia, PA may provide seniors a sense of companionship, there’s nothing quite like the comfort and love you receive from a pet. 

Pets give seniors something to love and look forward to every day, and while they help seniors, it’s actually mutually beneficial. Seniors typically have more time to devote to their pets, which is sure to cause lots of wags and purrs. Unfortunately, whether seniors live in a nursing facility or in their home, their quality of life can diminish with physical and mental idleness. Having a pet can have an amazing effect on the mind and body. Here are four noteworthy benefits of having a pet for seniors:

Increases Mobility

Having a pet can keep seniors active, especially dogs, who are constantly on the move. Staying physically active is essential for blood flow and improving cognitive functions. 

Reduces the Chances of Depression & Loneliness

Loneliness is something most seniors struggle with as they grow older, and overtime, this lack of social interaction can lead to depression. Regular interaction with pets can help combat negative feelings of isolation and promote positive social connections.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, there’s an undeniable warm and cozy feeling you get when you see a puppy or kitten. Many people believe that simply petting a dog can lower your blood pressure. When faced with stress, seniors with pets can experience smaller increases in blood pressure and heart rate. 

Taking Care of Something

Everyone likes to feel useful, and that doesn’t go away with age. Seniors enjoy feeling needed and caring for something outside of themselves, which is why having a little furry companion is so special. 

Finding the Right Pet

There’s no taking away the countless benefits pets provide seniors; however, being a pet owner is a big responsibility and requires a lot of thought and consideration. Because every pet is different and has different needs, take a look at the infographic below to see which pet is more suitable for your loved one: 

Pet Care For Seniors - Caring Family Health

While pets keep seniors preoccupied on a regular basis, they may still require assistance with their own personal needs. Caring Family Health works with Medicare to provide home health care in Philadelphia, PA for seniors, ensuring their safety and overall well being in their home. For more information, please contact us directly at (215) 631-8437. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.