Dementia patients of all ages and personalities greatly benefit from a live-in care provider. Dementia makes daily living difficult and potentially even dangerous. Sadly, many of those who reach the age at which dementia sets in have no family members or friends willing or capable of helping. However, our Philadelphia and Allentown home care providers are here to provide assistance.

Why Live-in Care is so Important for Dementia Sufferers 

Dementia patients in Philadelphia and Allentown need compassionate care throughout the morning, day, and evening. However, most family members cannot provide such care due to personal responsibilities such as kids, pets, work, etc. Our professional home care providers in Allentown and Philadelphia provide home care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. This home care service is tailored to the needs of each specific dementia sufferer. Our assistance provides the patient as well as his or her caregiver with much-needed relief. 

Ongoing Care Prevents Outbursts and Harm

Those suffering from dementia often become angry, confused, fearful, and even paranoid. However, when such an individual has a live-in care provider, those emotional episodes become much less frequent. A live-in home care provider helps remind dementia sufferers about daily activities such as meal times, bathing, teeth-brushing, flossing, exercising, and so on. These helpful reminders prevent potentially harmful forgetfulness. 

Companionship and Conversation

Though medical researchers are not completely certain as to what, exactly, causes the onset of dementia, it is known that the lack of socialization in old age reduces brain functionality as well as personal well-being. A live-in care provider at an Alzheimer’s patient’s home ensures this forgetful individual has a companion to talk to. 

Conversation stimulates brain activity and mindfulness, meaning the chances of the dementia sufferer’s memory worsening will be reduced. Add in the fact that a live-in care provider provides helpful reminders and there is even more reason to provide on-site care throughout the entirety of the week.

Reinforce the Importance of Following a Daily Routine

If you were to leave the dementia sufferer in your life alone for a week or longer, he or she would probably drift out of whatever routine was previously established. Our Allentown care team brainstorms meaningful activities designed specifically for the dementia sufferer in your life. From solving puzzles to making crafts and other mentally stimulating activities, we are willing to invest the time necessary to ensure your loved one has something fun and meaningful to look forward to rather than watching mind-numbing TV throughout the entirety of the day.

Coordinate Home Care With Caring Family Home Health

Caring Family Home Health is here to help you or your loved one suffering from dementia, mobility limitations, and other daily challenges. Give our team a call today at (844) 818-0039 to find out more about our services and schedule care. You can also contact us on the web to coordinate care that improves your loved one’s quality of life and reduces the chances of potentially dangerous forgetfulness.