Though you might not be able to prevent every single fall as you age, a heightened awareness of the mere potential for slips, falls, and the ensuing pain will certainly help keep you healthy and safe. Seniors who understand the massive impact a fall has on their quality of life will be motivated to take the steps necessary to minimize the chances of such a life-changing injury. Below, we provide some fall prevention tips that will help keep Philadelphia seniors upright, safe, and healthy.

Remove all Tripping Hazards

Take a close look at your living space or that of your older relative. Identify all potential tripping hazards and remove them right away. Closely inspect all hallways, stairwells, and rooms for objects, loose carpet, compromised floorboards, throw rugs, and other potential tripping hazards, eliminating every single one. If the item in question is something the senior citizen in your life will use at some point down the line, make them aware of its new location so they don’t become confused when searching for it.

Wear the Right Clothing

Baggy clothing is that much more likely to be caught on railings, cabinet corners, and other objects. Such a situation could prove quite painful if it were to lead to a fall. Encourage your aging parent or grandparent to wear clothing that fits properly along with garments that are properly hemmed. Clothing of the right size won’t drag on the floor, bunch up or cause a fall. 

Add Handrails and Grab Bars

Perhaps the best way to prevent a nasty fall in the home is with the installation of handrails and grab bars. Such safety devices are essential for safely ascending and descending stairs. Grab bars are particularly helpful when installed by bathtubs and toilets. Grab bars will also help the senior in your life maintain proper balance while going up, down, and through stairways and hallways.

Eliminate the Clutter for Easy Walking

No senior should have to sidestep piles of books, magazines, or home cleaning supplies. If any such sundries are cluttering up the house, remove them so the senior in your life has clear walking lanes between each part of the home.

Improved Diet and Exercise

A healthy body that is strong and flexible is less likely to succumb to a slip, fall, and potential fracture or break. Remain active, eat right and work on improving your balance throughout the aging process. Abide by your regular workout routine, continue to eat a balanced diet, and you will find these habits provide significant long-term benefits in that they prevent you from becoming frail and suffering a painful slip and fall.

Caring Family Home Health is on Your Side

You might not always be able to be by your parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle’s side. However, our caring home health specialists are available to help. If you or a loved one in the greater Philadelphia area need home care, reach out to us today. You can contact us by dialing (844) 818-0039.