What qualifies a patient for skilled nursing care

Skilled Nursing care

Caregiver and senior citizen When you start looking for care for your loved one, you may be surprised at the number of options, one of which is skilled nursing care. Skilled nurses offer a unique, pro...


The Difference Between Skilled and Non-Skilled Home Care?


Caregiver and Senior Citizen Has your senior loved one been diagnosed with a chronic health condition? Are they still recovering from major surgery or illness? You’re looking at your options between s...


What Is Skilled Nursing Home Care?

Skilled Nurse and Senior Citizen

Skilled Nurse and Senior Citizen What Is Skilled Nursing Home Care? If your loved one is recovering from a serious injury or has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you’re looking at recovery and c...


How to Choose the Best Home Care Agency in Philadelphia

Skilled Nursing Service Philadelphia PA

When caring for a loved one, it’s easy to slip into a state of mind where you only see the challenges. Being a caregiver can be demanding, especially when it comes to your own well-being. But, with th...


The Benefits of Hiring Home Care Agency in Allentown, PA

The Benefits of Hiring Home Care Agency in Allentown, PA

With advanced age and an ever-increasing number of older Americans, the need for home care services has increased significantly. As a result, more older Americans are looking to hire a home care agenc...


Is Your Senior Loved One Still a Safe Driver?

Safe Driving Ability

When you work closely with families to ensure their loved one’s safety and happiness like we do at Caring Family Home Health, the question of safe driving frequently comes up. AAA studies show o...


National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Traumatic brain injury

In 1987, President Ronald Regan declared March as National Disabilities Awareness Month. Brain injuries, often referred to as TBIs, are among the many challenges people explore during this month. One ...


Reflux Disorders (GERD) in Seniors

(GERD) in Seniors

The acronym of GERD is short for gastroesophageal reflux disease. GERD is defined as a digestive disease that causes bile or acid in the stomach to irritate the lining of the food pipe. This chronic d...


Depression in Elderly Parents: How to Help

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Elderly Philadelphia residents are that much more likely to be depressed as the temperatures drop and the pandemic continues for the 20th straight month. However, there are some strategies that will h...


The Benefits of Live-in Care for Dementia Patients

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Dementia patients of all ages and personalities greatly benefit from a live-in care provider. Dementia makes daily living difficult and potentially even dangerous. Sadly, many of those who reach the a...