Seeking a caregiver for your loved one is emotionally straining, and you want to be sure of finding the right agency with the right culture and the best personnel. It’s no small task since the home health industry is growing to accommodate an aging population. And with the busy nature of most people’s lives, you want a consistent caregiver on whom you can depend, like Caring Family Health. let’s review The Importance of Having Consistent Caregivers – Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA

We understand that you place a lot of trust in our staff, which is why we prioritize consistency. You accepted help from us, and we want to show you every day that your trust is in the right place. 

Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA- Building Relationships

Home-bound individuals are often nervous about having a “stranger” in the home. Once an aide is in place, you don’t want the individual feeling like a new person comes every day. Patterns and rituals are essential for aging patients, particularly those who have progressive dementia. Continuity creates calmness and a sense of reassurance. 

Some of the benefits of having dependable care for your loved one with memory issues include:

  • The familiarity of home. One of the reasons people choose in-home care is that a hospital setting is often cold and impersonal. Having a regular aide is far more approachable. 
  • Dietary care. Grandpa has a sweet tooth, but he still needs nutrition! A reliable aide can monitor meals, preparing them with greater awareness of the individual’s physical needs and restrictions. 
  • Socialization. An aide comes to know your loved one. You those discussions you avoid because the same topics come up repeatedly? You will get some relief from that, and the individual gets to tell their beloved stories. By the way, companionship offsets depression and anxiety, too.

When your loved one develops a relationship with an aide, they’ll want to share more of life’s experiences with that person. Perhaps it’s going out to an art show or playing a game of Scrabble. No matter what, your loved one receives help to improve their safety while safeguarding dignity. 

Creating a Family-Physician Network

Another advantage to having consistent caregivers is ongoing communication. Your aide gives you extra eyes and hands, and they may notice subtle changes in your loved one that they then communicate to both you and physicians. Keeping everyone on the same page creates a cooperative spirit, all focused on your loved one’s wellbeing. If, for example, there appears to be a need for RN care, our agency has that ability, as well as various therapists, all of whom are prescribed by the family doctor. 

Recognition of a Present or Emerging Issue

If you don’t have consistent caregivers, each may not know all the delicate nuances of the case. They may trigger a phobia without knowing the situation, for example. Plus, seniors may balk at even allowing a different person into the home!

Caring Family Home Health – Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA

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