Activity Ideas for People Living With Dementia

It is possible to live a dignified and enjoyable life with dementia. Though dementia certainly takes a toll on a senior citizen and his or her caregivers, it doesn’t have to make life unbearable. Let’s take a look at a couple fun activities that will help Philadelphia families with a parent or grandparent suffering from dementia.

Memory Boxes

Memory boxes, also referred to as rummage boxes, will help the senior citizen in your life who suffers from dementia reconnect with his or her past. This game is a golden opportunity to help the individual in your life dealing with dementia reestablish connections with prior hobbies, jobs, and people. 

Fill the memory box with pictures of family members, keepsakes, family heirlooms, items related to hobbies, and those used at his or her previous jobs while in the workforce. Have your loved one close his or her eyes and pull out one item after another, verbalizing memories of each to help reconnect with those prior experiences.

Board Games and Other Social Activities

Board games are better than video games for dementia sufferers as they provide an opportunity to interact with family members and friends face-to-face rather than in front of a screen. Board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly stimulate the mind all the more, helping your aging loved one get some brain exercise while socializing with others. 

If your family member isn’t interested in playing board games, consider joining a local gym or senior citizens’ center for walking sessions, swim classes, and other social activities that stimulate the body and mind.

Use String or Yarn to Thread Pasta

Threading pasta with string or yarn is a fun activity that is rather simple yet surprisingly fulfilling. Buy dry pasta with large holes and connect the pieces to one another with string or yarn. Add tape around the string’s end to form a needle and you’ll have a festive decoration that your loved one can hang on the wall, ceiling, or other area.

Artful Activities of all Sorts

Art-based activities such as painting, drawing, and creating crafts will force your aging parent or grandparent to express him or herself in a creative manner. Take your loved one to painting classes, a book club, a drama group, or an instructional drawing class, flex those creative muscles and he or she will find the experience quite enjoyable.

Fun With Fabrics

If your aging relative has any interest in fabrics, sewing or crafts, grab a box and add all sorts of different fabrics. Include dozens of pieces of fabric with a wide variety of colors and textures. Include cotton pieces, wool items, velvet, cuts of silk, lace, and more. Simply sorting through the fabrics or even folding them will provide the dementia sufferer in your life with enjoyment.

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