You probably have dozens of questions if you have a senior veteran and are considering in-home care facilitated by a professional agency. Primary concerns involve finding a reliable, compassionate company and finding ways to pay for the assistance. The cost of in-home caregiving can be exorbitant if you don’t look to the right programs for assistance. You may not know that veterans have special benefits, including one called Aid and Attendance. This benefit provides monthly payments added to the VA monthly pension. let’s review Home Care Services for Veterans – How do I know if I am eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit?

A home care provider like Caring Family can coordinate deductibles and benefits to determine costs. One note: the aid must be licensed. The services you could receive include

ADLs are things like personal maintenance, cooking, and cleaning.

home care services for seniors

Aging at Home

At Caring Family, we recognize The number of seniors and their families seeking in-home care for veterans has grown and continues to rise. The VA benefit helps pay private companies or family members for their care. But if the vet has an income of over $2,500 a month, the cost may not be covered in full.

Is Your Loved One Qualified?

Your veteran is eligible to apply for the Age and Attendance benefit if:

  • Their income is below the limits stated by the VA
  • They received the Medal of Honor or a Purple Heart
  • They served in Vietnam
  • They have a 10% or more disability per VA guidelines
  • They receive a PA pension

Regardless of age, any qualifying veteran can participate in this program. If you’re uncertain about guidelines, there is a regional VA office in Philadelphia where you can get more specific information. 

Caring Family Administrative Help

Like any other government benefit program, the Aid Attendance Pension Benefit has lots of paperwork. Before you take a match to the pile, call us. Our professionals can help you gather the necessary documents and fill out forms so they’re done right the first time.

No question that getting through the process is complex. Nonetheless, our Veterans Home Care Services offers more financial freedom than you might otherwise get in a facility. Our goal is to make a plan so everything moves smoothly. Once in place, our aides can be there when you cannot. We treasure our staff and give them all the necessary training before going into the field. 

Our standard of service to those who serve is of a high caliber. Our vets deserve to retain their dignity, and staying at home gives them a sense of comfort and familiarity. We are aware of some veterans’ special needs and are prepared for those circumstances.

If you’d like to learn more about the Aid Attendance Benefit Program and our work with veterans at Caring Family, you can contact our Feastervville or Allentown offices in three ways.

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