How Exercise Could Prevent Alzheimer’s


At Caring Family Home Health, we provide nursing home care for residents throughout Philadelphia, PA. And we understand that if members of your family have Alzheimer’s disease, you may wonder if it is hereditary, and if you run the risk of developing the disease in later life. Currently, studies linking genetics and Alzheimer’s are inconclusive. However, there is no harm in taking steps that could lower your risk. One of these steps is regular exercise.


Healthy Eating Advice for Seniors


As the top-rated provider of nursing home care in and around Philadelphia, PA, we understand that as you age, your dietary requirements change, your metabolism slows down, and your senses can diminish. This makes seniors more susceptible to contracting and developing chronic conditions. Luckily, you can improve your overall well being by making intelligent, healthy eating choices over time. The following healthy eating tips can help to ensure good overall health as you age:


How to Become a Paid Family Caregiver


Here at Caring Family Home Health, we provide specialized in-home health care throughout Philadelphia, PA that helps to ensure families’ loved ones are safe and secure. Our services include personal care, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and skilled nursing. Are you considering becoming a paid caregiver for a member of your family? If so, we’ve listed three ways that you can get paid via government benefits programs.


What to Expect with Caring Family Home Health


Caring Family Home Health understands the difficulties a senior loved one can face having to live on their own. Home care is a way of providing support for your loved one, as well as helping to maintain order in their home and deal with everyday tasks. Individuals can still have a sense of independence — Caring Family Home Health simply offers an extra set of helping hands.


How to Know When It’s Time for In-Home Care

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As we age, the process can cause changes in our mental and physical abilities that can inhibit our self-sufficient lifestyle, hamper our activity, and even threaten our ability to be fully independent. While that doesn’t necessarily require moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, it may mean that some type of extra support is required to age in place. While family members will typically shoulder the responsibility of caring for their aging loved ones, it can lead to inadequate care for the senior and added stress for the caregiver. That’s where we come in. 


When Is Home Care Helpful?


Many times, seniors find it uncomfortable to admit they need help. It can be difficult for people to acknowledge their decrease in physical and mental ability to handle things on their own. Sometimes it takes the interference of another family member to disrupt their unhealthy living conditions.