Many times, seniors find it uncomfortable to admit they need help. It can be difficult for people to acknowledge their decrease in physical and mental ability to handle things on their own. Sometimes it takes the interference of another family member to disrupt their unhealthy living conditions. 

If your loved one needs assistance with their daily living, consider hiring a home care provider. Caring Family Home Health is the trusted home care provider to the greater Philadelphia area. Our services include home care, skilled nursing, therapy services, and respite services. We feature a dedicated staff of caretakers, all certified and committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Let’s get some insight on when home care can be helpful for your loved one. 

A Lonely Family Member

Unfortunately, growing old can sadden many individuals. If an individual has lost their significant other or recently made a change in their living situation, it can be hard to adjust to being alone. Although we always want to be there for our loved ones, it can be challenging to accommodate all of their needs. At Caring Family Home Health we’re the area’s premier provider of home care services. Our caregivers offer friendly companionship; whether it’s making conversation or assisting with daily tasks, our caregivers are here for clients.

Post Surgery 

Many hospitals will encourage an at-home aide to assist in surgery recovery. Recuperating after surgery can be especially difficult for older people, so the more assistance, the better. Caring Family Home Health offers therapies such as speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy in the comfort of the patient’s home, all to help them recuperate and recover properly. To assure your loved one improves to their fullest capability, hire a caretaker from Caring Family Home Health. 

Overall Declining Health

Older people are susceptible to an overall decline in their health. From scheduling doctor’s appointments to handling different medications, it can be challenging for them to handle everything on their own. Caring Family Home Health provides skilled nursing to patients in need. Our nurses are certified and qualified to manage administering medications, helping them go to the bathroom, and other activities.

Caring Family Home Health recognizes the difficulties older people face while living on their own, which is why we offer various services to make their lives easier and healthier. If you’d like to learn more information about the home care services offer, contact us today.