As Philadelphia, PA’s leading in-home therapy service, Caring Family Home Health understands how getting older can contribute to loneliness for some folks. It’s a difficult subject to discuss, but it’s true — as friends and family members move or pass away, the little things in life can become harder to appreciate. But it doesn’t always have to be that way; adopting pets can have enormous healing effects for many seniors. Check out the infographic below to see why adopting a pet would be advantageous for seniors, then continue reading as we examine some of the benefits that pets can provide to older adults.

Companion For Seniors - Caring Family Health

Health Benefits

It is a well-known fact that interacting with animals can reduce stress and lower blood pressure in people of all ages. Adopting pets may also be helpful for easing symptoms of depression in seniors, and that’s a big deal because older adults who struggle with clinical depression may have a difficult time going about their daily routine and taking care of themselves. The responsibility of caring for a living animal can motivate some people to care for themselves better because they want to be healthy and alert in order to provide proper care for their pets. 

Other Psychological Benefits

According to psychologist Penny B. Donnenfeld, “Having a pet helps seniors focus on something other than their physical problems and negative preoccupations about loss or aging.” Common household pets like dogs and cats live in the moment; they never think about what’s to come tomorrow. For older adults who may be dealing with various health problems, that can be a frightening concept — but their pets’ relentless affection and preoccupation with the here and now can be quite contagious. Adopting a mature shelter animal could be something for older folks to consider because they won’t require round-the-clock care like a newborn puppy or kitten, and those animals deserve loving companions just as much as anyone else!

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Do you or an older adult you are close with own any pets? If so, we’d like to meet them and hear about all of the joy they bring to your lives! Our home health aides in Philadelphia, PA, love visiting patients who own pets — who doesn’t love animals? To learn more about our services or the benefits pets can provide to older adults, contact Caring Family Home Health today!