Skilled Nurse and Senior Citizen

What Is Skilled Nursing Home Care?

If your loved one is recovering from a serious injury or has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, you’re looking at recovery and care options to find what’s best for them. Do they need skilled or non-skilled care? What’s the difference? With this 2-part series, we’ll look at the differences between non-skilled and Skilled Nursing Home Care to help you make the best decision for your senior loved one. 

What is Skilled Nursing Home Care?

Sometimes referred to as skilled home care, skilled nursing care is home care that incorporates the medical care and needs of a patient recovering from surgery or injury or managing a serious chronic health condition. It is medical care that takes place at the home after the recommendation of a patient’s doctor or medical provider. At Caring Family, we work closely with referral services and healthcare providers to ensure your loved one receives quality, continuous care. Our nurses and nursing assistants work privately, in-home with patients in Philadelphia, Allentown, and throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Lehigh County, PA. 

Skilled Nursing Home Care
Skilled Nurse and Senior Citizen

What Does Skilled Nursing Include? 

The specific services our skilled nurses provide are based on the needs of your senior. Most services include, but are not limited to, 

  • Comprehensive health assessments
  • Wound & dressing care
  • Disease treatment and education
  • Medication administration (including injections)
  • Heparin flush
  • IV management
  • Catheter, tube, drain, and bag management

Medical homecare can cover a wide range of services. Our clinical model gives you full oversight of your loved one’s care. Whatever their medical recovery needs, we will work to provide them with the best possible outcome. 

Does Skilled Home Care Include Physical Therapy? 

Physical therapy is often part of the recovery process for seniors recovering from surgery or injury. While a necessary part of healing, it is not considered part of skilled nursing services. At Caring Family, we help you ensure that all your senior’s recovery and treatment needs are met by our services. Some key services we provide to our Allentown and Philadelphia seniors in addition to skilled nursing services include,

Does My Senior Need a Skilled Nursing Home Care?

One of the most common causes of hospital readmission in Philadelphia and Allentown is the lack of support following hospital discharge. When patients leave the hospital, healing has only just begun. From surgical incisions to medications for infection or pain management, recovery is complex and often challenging for family members. Skilled nurses can assist families with delicate medical needs to ensure their loved one receives the care and support they need to heal. 

Learn More About Skilled Nursing Home Care in Allentown and Philadelphia

Are you looking for a skilled nurse for your loved one? Whether they are recovering from surgery or need assistance managing their chronic health condition at home, our skilled nurses and nursing assistants are here for them. Contact us to discuss your senior loved one’s needs and Medicare options. If they need assistance beyond medical care – no worries. Our bilingual caregivers can handle medical and personal care needs!