What qualifies a patient for skilled nursing care
Caregiver and senior citizen

When you start looking for care for your loved one, you may be surprised at the number of options, one of which is skilled nursing care. Skilled nurses offer a unique, professional level of care for your loved ones. But the question remains, does your Senior need it?

Skilled Nursing Overview

Skilled nursing offers your Senior complete assistance for short or long durations. While you might think of Skilled Nursing as only an option available in a facility, that is not the case. You can obtain a skilled nurse at home, and if a doctor prescribes the care, Medicaid will cover it. By staying in a familiar setting, individuals feel more secure and comfortable. 

In-home services are personalized and comprehensive including physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. At Caring Family Home Health, we offer in-home care for families living in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our trained compassionate staff work with your loved one to improve balance and mobility as well as recovery from injury or illness. The hope is to provide as much independence as possible and retain an individual’s sense of pride.

Is it the Right Choice?

The decision of utilizing skilled nursing often relates to how much care a person needs. When there’s a combination of recovery and daily care that necessitates round-the-clock effort, skilled nursing is often the right choice. If it seems like too much, and the individual doesn’t need quite that much help, then you can look into respite care or in-home health care aides. If you’re not sure of the best choice, don’t hesitate to contact Caring Family with your questions. 

Caregiver and senior citizen

Some examples of situations in which you might consider Skilled Nursing include when a person has:

  • Broken bones
  • Heart attack
  • Post-operative wound care
  • Specialized medical equipment

Or when they need:

  • Injections
  • Catheters
  • Tube feeding
  • Vital sign monitoring

Benefits of In-Home Skilled Nursing 

The greatest benefit of in-home Skilled Nursing is decreasing the chance of rehospitalization. The nurse provides medical monitoring, watching for health risks such as hypertension. They make sure wounds are properly cleaned, and all the while become a social presence in your loved one’s life. Additionally, working with your Senior allows the nurse to maintain an ongoing log of assessments, which are invaluable to your healthcare team.

A skilled nursing agency can provide 24-7 care, which is nearly impossible for family caregivers without burning out. During this time, a skilled nurse is always prepared for a medical emergency should it arise. 

Caring Family Home Health: Skilled Nursing, Allentown PA

Finding the right fit for your family isn’t always easy. Caring Family endeavors to make the process move forward as smoothly as possible. Nothing is cookie-cutter here. We treat each individual and family according to their unique situation and come up with plans that make sense. If you’d like to learn more you can begin with our online contact form and sketch out your questions and concerns. Email is also available mail@caringfamilyhealth.com. Or call 844-818-0039 to speak to one of our representatives who can help you find the answers you need.